Search may be used:

  • To profile assets and deficits
  • To guide educational intervention
  • To determine the need for further diagnosis (neurological, psychological, psychiatric and social)
  • Its most effective use is in scanning an entire class during Pre-school or early in first gradeto provide teachers and administrators with a grade-wide profile for the proper planning of content, organisation and timing of instruction

NILD Search and Teach

What is it and how will my child benefit?

NILD SEARCH and TEACH is an early intervention program developed to meet the needs of young children and allow them to meet their educational needs before they experience the frustrations and anxiety associated with failure of learning. 

We believe that all students can learn and that the brain can be modified at all stages of development through mediation.

At Blossoming To Potential we are highly trained NILD Educational therapists who went through rigorous graduate-level courses. We are mentored and participate in professional development. We are passionate, skilled, empathetic, seek to strengthen cognitive weaknesses, instil confidence and competence, and transform struggling learners into lifelong learners.

The Teach Programme prioritizes pre-reading tasks from simple to complex and organises them into five clusters that mesh with the SEARCH components.



Intermodal skill clusters



Who is a candidate for this programme?

Search and Teach is a programme developed to meet the educational needs of young learners before they experence the frustration of learning failure.

What is the ages we take?

The NILD Search and Teach techniques are effective at ages 5 and up.

How long is the programme?

Search is a 20 min individual test. Teach is a programme of tasks designed to meet the needs revealed by the Search test.