At Blossoming To Potential we are highly trained NILD Educational therapists who went through rigorous graduate-level courses. We are mentored and participate in professional development. We are passionate, skilled, empathetic, seek to strengthen cognitive weaknesses, instil confidence and competence, and transform struggling learners into lifelong learners.


NILD Educational Therapists believe that all students can learn and that the brain can be modified at all stages of development through mediation. In addition, NILD therapy helps to build students’ self-esteem and improve cognitive competencies, encouraging them to become independent learners.


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Is your child battling to reach their full potential within the classroom?

Individualised educational therapy is given weekly in 30-minute sessions for younger kids,
aged 6 – 10 and 60-minute sessions for older children aged 11 – 13.

NILD Educational therapists use interactive language and dynamic intervention to develop core academic skills and higher order processing through explicit and intentional intervention, inductive reasoning and Socratic questioning, guided practice and systematic feedback that develop self-regulation and transfer.

  • Improve Spelling
  • Improve Handwriting
  • Improve Math Skills
  • Memory Improvement